Work on the Courtyard to begin

Another week goes by and moves us closer to the big weekend. Still lots of work being done behind the scenes by the Committee along with the many “smaller” jobs are already complete. As you know if you have been following along, we have had street signs posted for some time now on our main driveway (now know as “Centenary Drive” and we have installed a very large Centenary Crest on the southern wall of G Block in preparation for the courtyard. Speaking of the courtyard, work is about to begin preparing the area for the laying of the engraved pavers, stone and seat.

During the week just prior to the celebration weekend you will see our Principal, Mr. Kennedy on the local news networks speaking about our school’s special time. The large digital screen in the CBD will be advertising our events during the week prior and you will also find advertisements in the Chronicle.

We would be most grateful if you can pass on information about our Centenary weekend to all your friends via social media or word of mouth. The more past members of our community we can gather on May 17 and 18, the better the celebrations will be. Feel free to let people know about this website and indeed, our Centenary Facebook page named ‘tshs100’.

John Bowdern