Toowoomba State High School


Centenary souvenirs available for pre-order now


A number of souvenir items featuring our Centenary Logo are now available for pre-order. You are able to place your orders using the pre-order form below. We have provided you with both a PDF version and a Word version of the form for your convenience. Please feel free to choose either version.

As indicated on the form, orders can be collected at the Centenary Celebration weekend (May 18) or you may choose to have your souvenirs mailed to you. Those choosing to have their order sent by mail will be contacted to discuss postage fees as the cost will vary depending on the items you have ordered. More details can be found on the form. Please be advised that bottles of Centenary Port cannot be mailed.

Please note that only a limited number of each item shown below will be available for purchase on our Centenary Commemoration Day (May 18th). To ensure you don’t miss out on this once-off opportunity to collect a memento of this grand occasion, you can place an order now by using the links below.

Download the PDF version of the pre-order form or

Download the Word version of the pre-order form

Images of the souvenir items available for purchase are shown below. Tea towel design will be available for viewing soon.