Congratulations TSHS. I loved my time up on the old hill at Mt. Lofty and I am so looking forward to seeing the school again
— Trish, 1973 - 1975

A great school with a great history. I may not have been the best student; but I sure had some great times at the old High School
— Pat, 1962 - 1964

I enjoyed my maths so much at Mt. Lofty that I ended up becoming a Maths teacher! Go figure!
— Rachel, 1984 - 1988

I will be there in May and hope to catch up with all my buddies from the days.
— Stephanie, 1951- 1954

I’ll be at the Centenary weekend in May 2019 and hope to catch up with lots of people.
— Sharon, 1993 - 1997

I wonder if my classrooms will look the same? Can’t wait to see the school again!
— Damian, 1963 - 1965

Looking forward to seeing the school again and trying to work out how many sides there really are on the old Hall. See you all in May.
— Meg, 1964 - 1967

Oh goody! I will get to stand on the old quad and remember what it was like in the middle of winter all over again!.
— Tammy, 1988 - 1992

100 years already! I must be getting old! All the best for 2019 Mt. Lofty. Hope to see my old friends up there in May.
— James, 1971 - 1975