Labore et Honore


Toowoomba State High School sits proudly on top of Mt. Lofty on the north eastern side of Toowoomba however this has not always been the site of our school. In 1919, as a culmination of a process prescribed by the 1875 Education Act to extend education beyond compulsory primary years, the Department of Public Instruction took control over the existing Technical College and reorganised it into Toowoomba High School and Technical College. The site for this newly amalgamated institution was the corner of Margaret and Hume Streets which had previously been home to the Immigration Depot.

The foundation stone of the new building was laid on July 12th, 1911 by the then Governor of Queensland, Sir William McGregor. Just eight years later, on May 12th 1919, the building officially became the home of Toowoomba State High School and Technical College. Records indicate that in 1919, the High School section had 88 students enrolled. 

Classes continued to be taught at this venue although by the late 1940's and into the 1950's, overcrowding in both the high school and technical college became a major concern. Approaches were made to the Federal Government to either expand the existing site or move to a more suitable location. The campaign to relocate the high school seemed the preferred option and this notion was given a boost when in October 1955, the Minister announced that "...High Schools and Technical Colleges should be separate". The following year, 1956, negotiations began with the Toowoomba City Council for the acquisition of the Mt. Lofty site which would eventually become the new location for the High School. The deal was done and the land, which at that time was being used as a quarry, was secured. Soon after, the construction of new buildings and classrooms commenced.

In 1960, Sub-Junior classes were taught in the new buildings at Mt. Lofty for the first time. On the14th of May 1960, in front of a crowd of almost 2000 people, the new buildings at Mt. Lofty were officially opened by the State Minister for Transport, Mr Gordon Chalk. By 1963, all but a few high school classes had made the transition to the Mt. Lofty site.

Since the 1960's, Toowoomba State High School has steadily grown in both student numbers and facilities. Several new buildings have been added to the landscape including the Gym and Pool, Library, D block, Q block (Admin and Home Economics) and a Multi-Purpose Centre. Student numbers had reached close to 1600 during the mid-nineties however this pressure has been relieved with the opening of two new high schools in the area since that time.

In 1994, our school celebrated its 75th Anniversary and now 25 years on, we have reached arguably the most significant milestone of all. On May 12 2019, Toowoomba State High School will officially join an illustrious list of schools who have been educating children for 100 years! We ask that all past and present staff, students and members of the community who have been a part of our school, earmark the weekend of May 18 - 19, 2019, so that you may join us in our celebration of this historic event.

Staff and students of Toowoomba High School 1919. (Courtesy Toowoomba Historical Society)

Laying of the Foundation Stone

Toowoomba Technical College c1912 on the corner of Margaret and Hume Streets. Click here for further information about the origins of this building.

Toowoomba High Basketball Team 1921

Staff photo 1927