Centenary Parade

Tuesday 29 January @ 9AM

For many people reading this, it will be hard to believe that Toowoomba State High School will turn 100 in 2019. Year after year from our humble beginnings in 1919 when the High School merged with the Technical College, students have assembled and listened to this person or that person provide them with the important information of the day. Parades continue to be an essential component of a school as there is still no better method of distributing information to such a vast audience all at the same time.

On January 29th, 2019, Mr. Kennedy will address the school and officially welcome all to the commencement of the school's 100th year. The 100th time at Toowoomba State High School that students will assemble on day one of a school year.

To mark this special occasion, students will enjoy a slideshow featuring a gallery of photographs collected over the past 100 years of TSHS. Staff and students will then be given the opportunity to sign a special book that will become part a collection of memorabilia placed in a time capsule to be opened during our 125th celebrations in 2044.


Remembering parades ...

Parade • 1940's style

"Parades took place between the buildings in the 40's. Of course, back then, we were still at the Tech. College. Students would assemble in groups (arranged by the type of scholarship) and we would be addressed by a member of staff. Students at that time did not wear the TSHS uniform due to World War II and rationing."

Parade • 1950's style

"In 1950 and 51, parade was conducted in the Drill Hall yard at the Tech. College site. This area was used by Soldiers of the 25th Battalion for drill practice. Parade was conducted by Messrs McCallum or Wilkes (who would later become Principal of the school). I remember that at the conclusion of parades we would move off to class in a very orderly fashion, (almost a march) possibly owing to the fact that several of the staff were ex-servicemen from WWII."

Parade • 1980's style

"I will never forget school assemblies from my time at Mt. Lofty back in the 80's. In those days we assembled on the quad - The area sectioned off by blocks A , B, F and E. The Principal would speak to us from the raised walkway along A block as we stood in form class lines. I distinctly remember those wickedly cold winter days with fog so thick that we could not even see the people speaking at the microphone! I am so glad for the current students who are able to assemble in the MPC. Great memories."